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Swedish Stockings

Our mission is to change and influence the entire hosiery industry. Nylon yarn, which is currently used to produce most modern pantyhose, is created from an environmentally harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process that leads to damaging carbon emissions. More-so, modern pantyhose isn’t made to last. These harmful practices in the fashion industry are all too common. We believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and so Swedish Stockings was launched. 

We create our pantyhose from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste. The production process is a lot less harmful to the environment than traditional nylon production and we are consistently looking for innovative and cleaner ways to produce - conserving or reusing water, decreasing emissions, reducing and recycling waste. From this highly efficient recycling procedure we have reduced energy and water consumption. We also have a recycling program you can read more about here. We estimate, thousands of stockings have been recycled thanks to our recycling program. Read more about our sustainability efforts, materials and production in our sustainability edit.

sun power Our production is powered by the sun and renewables
recycle We produce from recycled and sustainable materials
purified water Water used in the dyeing process is purified after use
zero waste Our factories are zero-waste

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