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Amara Tulum

Our Italian fabric is manufactured in a green energy facility that works to reduce pollution, protect green spaces, preserve water, and monitor gas emissions. Made up of two game-changing fibers. ECONYL® is created with regenerated nylon recovered from our oceans through The Healthy Seas Project, helping to remove tons of plastic waste and save marine life. Add in LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ for a timeless bikini that's built to last.  We're giving back to our community too. Designed in Tulum and made in Mexico by local artisans, AMARA pledges to support Mexican communities by creating livable-wage jobs, minimizing negative impacts of tourism, promoting cultural exchange and helping to preserve local traditions. We also organize beach cleanups in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere to help protect wildlife from the plastic washing up ashore.


We are committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in the development and manufacturing of all our products. Our jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics and washes through an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process – the only impact we’ll leave on the planet is good jeans.    Regreen Our Planet!   We’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted. We’ll plant 1 tree for every purchase made! Sustainable jeans to sustainable living.

Pala Eyewear

Recycled and artisanal made cases

We’re as proud of our sunglass cases as we are about what goes into them. Each is uniquely handmade by a traditional weaver from one of three rural communities in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. As Pala grows, more people are being taught to weave, creating a new source of income for themselves. By recycling plastic we access a readily available material, rather than the more traditional straw which is limited by seasonality. The plastic for our cases could have been many things in a previous life – a plastic bag, a discarded water sachet, plastic used to bind pallets, or even discarded from the plastic bag making process. This waste is collected, washed, melted and re-purposed into the plastic that is then woven into our unique cases. Rubbish? We don’t think so.


Our boxes are FSC MIX certified, from responsible sources. All our print materials come from recycled paper stock. Where you see our eyewear in a shop all supplied point of sale materials that we have supplied are made from recycled wood or cardboard.

Committing to offsetting our CO2

We know that getting a pair of our sunglasses to you has an environmental impact. Therefore for every delivery we make to a customer we put £1.00 towards offsetting the CO2 cost of that delivery. As a business we also have to fly in elements of our product from around the world. We therefore offset those journeys along with all flights the Pala Team make in bringing our stories back to you as well as any events we might attend. We work with not-for-profit Atmosfair to offset our C02 through the financing of Wonderboxes in Nigeria and Rwanda. These incredible cooking pots will retain heat for a very long time, therefore reducing the need to burn fuel for heating and thus lowering the CO2 emissions.

Giving back

We provide grants directly to eye care projects in Africa. Projects might include building a new Vision Centre; or dispensary, purchasing equipment or supporting an outreach program – all sustainable, long term solutions that facilitate eye care, eye-tests and provision of spectacles.


Snacku leather is thoughtfully sourced from only 2 limited suppliers. One of them is located in Napa valley and the other one is in NY. The raw material that the supplier in Napa uses is domestic and also bi-product with food industry. As for the other supplier in NY, the raw material is from LWG certified tannery from Argentina and it is processed to get the beautiful finishing in Johnstown, NY. Processing the leather takes time.
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